Thursday, March 20, 2008

live shows

I went to a show last night to see electronic music, downtown. It was fun at least, although not very exciting. The first guy, Chris Tenz, (who will be joining me when I do my first show apparently) played his guitar a bit and midi controller the rest. He actually played, and the music was really nice. The second guy, however, just sort of sat down at the front and clicked around on his laptop. He looked bored and didn't really do anything at all. He might as well of just played a completely pre-recorded set. The music was really fun though, just the guy was boring.

So I have decided, live electronic music is pretty boring generally speaking, at least visually. For my first set, I want to use my paia fatman with a midi controller and perhaps try out my upright bass. If we use backing tracks for most of it, Chris on midi keyboard playing one track, me on the paia fatman for another, maybe it will be somewhat interesting. Also, for a couple tracks I think I should like to mic my upright bass, play it with the bow, and put the audio into jeskola buzz on a laptop for fun delay and other effects. That might sound good, maybe. I have never tried that, it is just a plan

Friday, March 7, 2008


Blogs are nonsensical ranting posts on the internet. They are just meaningless fun for the most part, silly writing put out there for your internet friends to read. These are people you have never actually met, but message and email sometimes for various reasons. There is Robbie, who makes synth pop music in Viriginia. He is a funny guy, and is always talking about jesus, being a christian himself. There is Hector, my 'bandmate' in the Spambots from California. He sings well enough. There is Stephen Shores, an interesting fellow from Atlanta who is married with children. He likes my music. There is Hector's brother and Hector's brother's friend.

While bloggin, you talk about your boring silly day and things that happened with the intention that these people you have never met can waste a little time reading them. Blogs, especially in my case, are not intended as sources of information for the bloggers family. So mom if you are reading this, which I am sure you are, I am re-starting this blog with that in mind. I will write posts knowing that my parents and my sister margaret (hi maggie!) will probably end up reading this. This will be mainly about my music and that sort of thing, which is what you were looking for.